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Must have a checklist for a classic living room

Amidst the exhausting working hours for the corporate crew, house maintenance, and design is

the last thing to worry about. Keeping the trend and the themes up to date, several best interior

designers in Bangalore have found a solution for the upscale environment hunt of such

clientele. These requirements vary from budget efficiency to space scale. The trend of

monochromatic and color-blocked themes seems to have grabbed more attention than sticking

to a particular type like bohemian, industrial edge, classic ’90s, etc.

The living room is the beating heart of the whole house. It is one such place that is connected to

the kitchen and the dining area and has both modern and technological elements attached to it.

The whole family likes to gather, spend time and entertain in that part of the house. Obviously,

furnishing and decorating a common part of the house can be challenging since each and every

member of the family has a different opinion on it. To advise and attend to these challenges,

Hohm editors, Hyderabad-based best interior designers have got the required experienced

background and positive client background. Our founders Komal Khoth, Abhishek Amberpet,

and Nishant Khoth are experienced designers who understand the importance of good interiors.

We understand client’s aesthetics that tell their story and affect their productivity.

The Perfect Checklist:

The living room in an Indian home is one of the trickiest places to furnish and decorate. It's

always connected to the entrance of the house and serves as the first impression for the whole

house. We have rounded up the key essentials for every living area that can maximize the

common area and everyone can have their share of perspective added.

● Theme: for the whole house to look tied together the living room has to have essential

elements like frames and mementos. These frames and mementos depend on the

design, direction, and color of the walls.

● Lights: Lights are the most essential aspect of a common area. Every corner has to

shine and be bright, making it easier for the guests to explore.

● Wall design: The direction and the design of the walls portray the vibes of the house.

Dull and dark colors are often avoided for the living room since the room commonly

connects to the lawn or the corridor area and has the maximum exposure of light.

● Furniture: the furniture portrays the aesthetics of your lifestyle. From classic to modern

furniture, every piece of furniture depends on the kind of theme that the living room is

supposed to convey.

Our team of highly experienced professionals ensures to deliver promising results keeping the

budget and the perspective of the client. We also put a lot of thought into the story that each

project would deliver. We have been tagged as the best interior designers in Hyderabad, time and again. We provide the modern technology to enhance your home interior requirements.

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