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Ideas of home decor (pandemic edition)

We all are very much aware of what covid did to the world and us, epidemic urges us to

be indoors, with few options available for entertainment. We've learned how to adapt to

living within the confines of our homes over the months. We've spent hours on Zoom

meetings, socialized on long-distance conversations, and worked from the comfort of

our own four walls. Our houses have evolved into a location where we educate our

children, entertain friends for a socially distant get-together, and unwind. This has

prompted many of us to liven up our surroundings and piqued our interest in learning

how to redecorate our homes to create a more lively environment.

● Work from a home office:- When it all started we were not aware of how long

the pandemic would last, and here we are fighting so many waves. Many offices

are adopting the remote work option and requesting employees to work from the

comfort of their homes, but working from home is not that easy, health can get

affected because we are at our comfort, and we sometimes never bothered to

consider our health, so now is the time we spend our money to build home

offices, you can go always go your favorite color, but make sure you won’t end up

adding those colors on the wall, that creates strain on your eyes, when it comes

to selecting colors, choose soothing colors for your interior.

● Go green:- We all have spent our pandemic time either walking on the terrace or

enjoying evening tea on our balcony. So why not fill the space with our botanical

friends, you can color the walls (light colors suggested), hang the sustainable art

pieces and plants on your roof and those antique chairs that you wanted to place

in your home, make them add the lavishing look to your small botanical garden.

● Hobby rooms:- We all have found our hidden talent in this pandemic, right? And

we want a place to practice our drawings, music, dance, a place of solitude and

peace, where no one can disturb us, you can start decorating your storeroom or

your room with the things that you are about to throw, this will contribute a lot to

the environment and you have your room. Old ladders, radio, music discs, can

make a great room.

● Kitchen, the essence of home:- If you are reading this blog, then it’s the sign

you should decorate your kitchen. Why kitchen? Why not? Don’t you want your

guests to appreciate your interiors after your delicious food? Yes, we all want

that. Smart kitchen designs are more prominent and how can we not go with the

trend of grey and ivory color schemes.

● Interior designers:- With more individuals opting to stay at home, the

importance of decor in houses has increased as well. As people want to make

fewer trips to the markets, but the nation is unlocking by following many covid

guidelines and many people are opting for covid services. You can also hire

someone who can give the new look to your interiors if you are looking for

interior design services in Hyderabad and Bangalore, then you can visit the

best interior designers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Hohmeditors, they not

only believe in providing the interiors that you desire for but also provide timely

and affordable services. They believe in working on details and providing

flawless services.

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