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How to Determine Cost of Designing Your Home by A Professional?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

It’s in vogue to get your home designed by a professional and it is a smart choice to make in a fast-moving world. Getting expert advice for making your home’s space more inviting, impressive and full of warmth and comfort is indeed a wise thing to do. But, at times, the only thing that fills us with skepticism in taking this home beautification and home space utilization step is the charges we expect from top interior designers in Bangalore. Learn about the factors that affect the home’s interior design price greatly.

Having first-hand information beforehand will help you know what you can expect while looking for an interior designer in Bangalore. Read further to know what determine the charges for the interior design of your home.

The amount or the number of responsibilities that you want your interior designer to handle will surely affect the final price of your home’s interior designing project. Few of the interior designers will help you just with the designing of the home while others may also assist you in choosing the right furniture, carpentry wok, decor and wardrobes and more.

If you require any civil work to be done, you have to check its scope. Flooring, painting and false ceiling installation are considered separately. The total expenditure you will incur from an interior designers service is based on what services you need from him or her.

Top interior designers in Bangalore do not always charge lump sum amount. Rather, there are several ways a designer may calculate the total designing costs.

Percentage of the overall cost: In this case, the designer calculates the overall cost of the designing project in cost of the project.

Mark up on product price: It means that the designer charges a premium on every product bought for the project. They may vary the cost price of the products and charge it at the total price of the project.

Per square feet: This is one of the highly preferred methods of pricing chosen by top designers in Bangalore. The designer may charge anything between INR 20 to INR 100 per square feet for just the design. In case you want to include products like sofa wardrobes, modular kitchen and more the cost may be anything around NR 2,000 to INR 3,000 per square feet. Few designers include furniture and woodwork while others may exclude soft furnishings curtains, Venetian blinds and other things.

Lump-sum: Top interior designers in Bangalore using their mode of charging will use their discretion to charge a lump sum amount for the designing project. Oftentimes, it is based on a percentage commission, per square charges, or a combination of these. The designers charge it as their fees and they may or may not provide a detailed account for the same.

Always find out the reputation and reviews of a home designer by other people either by directly getting the reference from prospective designers or through trustworthy internet-based review platforms. This gives you an idea of which designer to choose for cost-effective home designing services and product. They will charge around 6-15 % of the overall cost as a design fee. If the level of expertise and effort involved is higher, the amount may shoot up to 20% of the overall c

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