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5 ways to add a vintage look to your room.

Looking forward to transforming your lovely home into something like your

grandmother's or something you see in retro movies, not the house that we saw in the

movie Ouija board.

Ever felt that there is something fascinating about retro stuff, which you cannot explain

in words. And, probably that’s why when you enter the zone where you want to renovate

your sweet home into an amazingly good-looking vintage look.

There are beliefs that vintage looks tend to be dark and boring, let’s just delve deeper

into the ways you can start off decorating your rooms into a vintage look.

● Vintage pieces, color:- If you are eagerly waiting to give a retro look to your

rooms, and you don’t want it to look imperfect then try to develop a color theme,

accordingly, start putting your vintages pieces, don’t just randomly put antique

pieces anywhere in your house, go with the color theme you can use colors like

bright light blue, burgundy, grey and many other saturated colors for your wall

and buy pieces that match your color theme, addition to that can be a rug, center

table, retro radio or a trunk painted with dark brown color. Go with the theme and

see the magic yourself.

● Vintage Themes:- Prefer browsing vintage looks on the internet before you start

decorating your rooms. For example, if you are a fan of ancient music then

dedicate the whole wall to the recordings and add stuff related to ancient music,

do not combine two themes together.

● Wall decoration:- Build your own photo gallery on your walls, you can consider

using black and white pictures that are clicked from polaroid, or if you are not into

putting your pictures anywhere then you can use quotes of your favorite retro

inspiration, you can also use their photos on the wall but try keeping the black

and white theme. For example:- You decided to put your wedding picture on the

wall, so enlarge the size of the dominating picture, use other memories along

with it and add a pinch of color to that center picture, you can add red color to

your smile and the rest of the picture will be in black and white theme. Vintage

frames, mirrors, and signs also are good alternatives.

● Decorate other things in your home:- Don’t limit your creativity to the walls,

experiment on your doors as well, decorate your doors, you can even paint

them. If you are a fan of marine life then you can draw a ship on your doors, You

can show off your creativity according to your interest.

Bonus tip:- Never throw away your old stuff, as they can help you establish the vintage

look that you have dreamed of. Suppose you have a radio that is not in the condition of

repairing you can use it to decorate your music dedicated walls.

There is no rule that you have to go with the things people tell you about vintage looks.

You can even experiment by mixing up new looks to vintage looks, you can also make

your own theme, it is totally up to you how you want to renovate the vintage look in your


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